The primary settings for ThunderSnow are 17th century England and Sabino Head Peninsula on the mouth of the Kennebec River in Maine, which in those bygone days was part of a wild and uncharted land known as Mawooshen. As a young boy attending West Point Grammar School in Phippsburg, Maine, my school bus ran over the ground once occupied by Fort St. George. At the time, no one knew we were crossing an historic site of early American colonization. It wasn’t until the early 1960’s that a serious attempt was made to discover the site of that long forgotten fort, and not until Dr. Jeffrey Brain began his archaeological investigation in mid-1990 that the location of the Popham Colony’s fort was firmly established.

While attending Morse High School in Bath, Maine, I developed a lifelong interest in history. This led me to investigate facts surrounding the first English colony in New England, the failed Popham Colony, and later write a novella based on those facts. I’ve since written a sequel—Dry Rain—where many of the characters from ThunderSnow grab an opportunity to join the 3rd re-supply of Jamestown and begin their second colonial adventure. Dry Rain was followed by a third book—HeatLightning—that takes my main characters down the eastern seabord to Florida and into contact with the Spanish treasure fleet of 1622. During the winter of 2016 I finished the draft of my fourth book, NorthEaster, in which my characters escape Florida and return to what had become known as New England and into contract with the young and struggling colony of New Plymouth.

I took time out of my work on HeatLightning to pen a short story for my granddaughter Eva. While living and working in Florida, I met the owner of a remarkable dog named Teddy. He became the basis of my short children’s story. I’d recently purchased an old Florida plantation house and in the attic discovered a portfolio of original watercolors done by a deceased owner, and these remarkable paintings became—for the most part—the illustrations for Teddy. Last winter, 2018, I completed the first draft of my fifth book, FireStorm, and will complete the final edit this coming winter.

​Although I've completed five manuscripts, I’ve refrained from publishing for a very good reason. As all five are connected, my research into material for my current and future books often dredges up details and events that can be inserted into earlier novels. Also, reflection brings inspiration for new scenes and dialog, which would be difficult to insert once a book is published. I recently began writing my sixth novel, Thunderstorm, nearly completing the research and timeline for what will possibly be the last book in the colonial series. ThunderStorm is the gripping story War seen through the eyes of my new protagonists, Alan and Aponi James' son Zeke. It covers the period from 1689-1763 and encompasses four conflicts, King William's War, Queen Anne's War, King George's War, and the French & Indian War. As patience is a virtue, I urge those anticipating the publication of my books to remain virtuous a bit longer. It’ll be worth the wait, I promise!
About the Author

Casco Bay - 1983

Name: Glen F. Alden
Age: 75
Birthday: April 26
College: Gordon College
Major: English Literature
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Book: The Bible
Favorite Movie: LOTR
Favorite Food: Fish
Favorite Quote: “There is nothing
to writing. All you do is sit down
​to a typewriter and bleed.”
​Ernest Hemingway