The Colonies​

1607 — 1763

It's been said that conflict histories are written by the winner. That's likely true, for what can a loser chronicle but shame and defeat? History should record both accounts but seldom does. I write about historical occurrences as accurately as I can, adding fictional characters whose points of view may stray from the pages of history regarding the invasion and subsequent occupation by Europeans of the great North American wilderness. 

The timing of their first attempt to colonize New England couldn't have been worse. It came during the height of the "Little Ice Age" that gripped Europe and North America with much colder winters than normal. It was the beginning of a seven-year drought, the driest period in 770 years. The colonists also built their fort near the front lines of the first clashes in the Tarrantine War, which was to escalate into a bloodbath between the Mi'Kmac and Penobscot Indians. Carving a colony from the virgin wild would be challenging enough under the best of circumstances, but these additional disadvantages created conditions that form the heart of my first story, ThunderSnow. 

The major incidents in my novels actually happened. The causes and effects, however, are blurred by time, a scarcity of documentation and the fact existing records are oftentimes conflicting or unclear. The main characters are mostly real participants in the Great Immigration. A few are figments of my imagination, as is the dialogue. I hope my books will unveil a better understanding of events that occurred at the founding of America and may shed light on familiar but often misconstrued mythologies that followed. I apologize in advance for any errors or omissions, for as Alexander Pope once said, "A man should never be ashamed to own he has been wrong."